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The Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board (NCLUCB) was created as a joint powers unit of government in 1983 and consists of elected county commissioners from each of the nine member counties. The purpose of NCLUCB is to provide a venue for constructive dialog, information sharing, and a local government perspective regarding regulation, implementation, and coordination of environmental and natural resource management with our federal and state partners at both the policy and administrative levels.

Within the geographic scope of our member counties are 26% of Minnesota’s land area, 61% of the state’s forest lands, 56% of Minnesota’s regulated surface waters, 60% of the state’s remaining wetlands and 70% of Minnesota’s public land resources.  NCLUCB counties are responsible for shore land and wetland management and regulation, operate forest and mineral management departments, and are responsible for comprehensive land use management over a vast region. For over thirty years NCLUCB has respectfully promoted communication and coordination among state, federal, and local environmental and natural resource agencies.

Mission Statement: To provide leadership and support on regional issues of comprehensive land use and resource management to meet the social, environmental, and economic needs of the people of the region.

NCLUCB County Commissioner Board Members:

Aitkin County: Anne Marcotte, Chair: E-mail Anne

Cook County: Myron Bursheim: E-mail Myron

Itasca County: Terry Snyder: E-mail Terry

Koochiching County: Wayne Skoe: E-mail Wayne   Wade Pavleck: E-mail Wade

Lake County: Rich Sve, E-mail Rich

Lake of the Woods County: Ed Arneson: E-mail Ed

Pennington County: Neil Peterson, Vice-Chair: E-mail Neil  Don Jensen: E-mail Don

Roseau County: Jack Swanson: E-mail Jack

St. Louis County: Tom Rukavina: E-mail Tom  Keith Nelson: E-mail Keith  Mike Jugovich, Treasurer: E-mail Mike


The purposes of the Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board are:

  • To gather and disseminate information
  • To consider matters of common concern
  • To assist member counties and other units of government or regional organizations in the formulation of land use plans or general policies needed for the protection, sustainable use and development of lands and natural resources.

According to the Agreement Establishing Participation in the Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board, these purposes shall include “an understanding and consideration of the common culture, similar customs and an interdependent shared social and economic condition.

To accomplish these purposes, the Board is to “encourage, review, and assist in the formulation of land use plans, and work to resolve conflicting land use policies. Further, the Board may conduct other activities within its powers so as to permit, promote and ensure the balanced use and efficient, long term management of all lands, providing a place where people may live and prosper in a viable biological, social and economic condition.


NCLUCB Participating Counties Map
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The geographic region of the Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board of northern Minnesota stretches over 10.6 million acres from the Red River Watershed in the west to the North Shore of Lake Superior. Much of it borders Canada.

Member counties are extremely diverse with various mixes of land ownership, ranging from almost all private lands to over 90 percent public lands. The vast majority of federal lands in Minnesota exist in this region. Local, state, and federal and bi-national programs and policies create a complex picture of land use authority.